Your Perfect Version of Xenimus poll
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Author:  youhave [ 06 Feb 2020 08:59 ]
Post subject:  Your Perfect Version of Xenimus poll

1) full pvp, anti-pk, blend
2) gear pre restructure or post restructure
3) armor models pre restructure or post restructure
4) availability of bags 1-10
5) availability of redos, sanc scrols max ams 1-10
6) inventory drop with bag 1 item? yes or no
7) inventory drop without bag equipped: all or 1 or 2 items?
8) reduce power of buffs? yes or no
9) GVE yes or no or only with large population
10) chest pulls level 40+ pre or post restructure?
11) ndnt gear yes or no

feel free to add to list

Author:  youhave [ 06 Feb 2020 09:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Perfect Version of Xenimus poll

my view:

1) full pvp
2) pre restructure
3) pre restructure
4) 4 available for 20-30 gold
5) 1 wouldnt completely rmeove but they would be very rare
6) 1 item
7) all inventory
8) yes reduce
9) with large population
10) pre restructure
11) zero ndnt

Author:  Street Fighter [ 06 Feb 2020 09:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Perfect Version of Xenimus poll

Something people often forget is the original anti pk server rules.

Full PVP is great and all, but the original anti pk rules were just reduced damage. Not full PVP blocking in your zone, the way it is now.

That made it easier to level, you could respond to an attacker, maybe run away, but it wasn't guaranteed. You could still die.

I liked having a PVP server, an anti PK server, connected by DS for full PVP wars.

Author:  Omnimultum [ 14 Feb 2020 21:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Perfect Version of Xenimus poll

1)Full pvp
2) gear from back in 2001 before all overpowered items
3) armor models pre restructure
4) Old bags from back in 2000-2001
5) same as in 2000-2001 rare but not unfindable
6) no bags 100% safeguard items
7) all items dropped uppon death without bag
8 ) yes reduce power of buffs
9) Remove GVE and jeloc no need for that trash
10) old system with level 20 character as key
11) o hell no no ndnt gear at all drown that kitten

Author:  Kay [ 15 Feb 2020 06:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Perfect Version of Xenimus poll

Pretty much exactly as the game was when Multi Animus came out. Old spirit gear visuals. No NDNT. No Xencon, Dirus items etc.

Author:  Street Fighter [ 15 Feb 2020 12:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Perfect Version of Xenimus poll

It was so much simpler back then, before all the crazy new gear. Armor meant something. Gear didn't give you HUGE differences in stats. It was always speculated that Ominex had a hidden Rage bonus (and when the new gear came out ominex did have rage, so maybe it was true). Some other items had other special stats.

Sanctus Blade would hurt you if you swung it while evil.

Sword of Evil would make you lose alignment with every hit. You'd wear it for the damage and MP regen though, and use it for spin attack. If you accidentally swung it it sucked.

Gear gave very little armor, each new set was just a small boost from the one before it.

You DEFINITELY noticed an impact when you put on vis tueri rings. They were the currency of the game. Gear was valued in VTs and unlike later, you could literally trade a few VTs for a spirit plate, or ominex leather, etc.

I don't think HP/MP steal worked on spells back then. Staves while hunting was more of a thing IIRC.

I remember Bonk giving people egg at t7 ds. It was a level 60 cleric thing IIRC. I remember it being hard to stay on square with so many people. If you bounced off, you died instantly.

If you damaged someone on a town square the damage was reflected. I remember casting VGV at people off square, they'd teleport onto square and I'd die.

I think this was removed more recently, but you could fast bolt/fast beam and trans into people.

I remember combining divi with egg.

I remember vis tueri, being able to cast tueri on other people, and with how important armor was this was pretty important too.

I remember dragging DD warriors to t7 and starting wars with the town guards.

Dragging Thoran to t3 GY.

Drethor used to be by t3, which was way cooler placement, right near that house on the way.

Evil town used to mean something. If you spawned there it could take hours to break out and try to get your alignment back up.

Jeloc wasn't a thing so you constantly fluctuated with alignment and that was normal.

If you hit a town guard you were "hated" by all the town guards until you said sorry or someone did the Fball trick. That went away later on and you'd only be hated by the one guard.

If you killed a town guard you were hated by all town gaurds until server reset.

Gene the Mad would kill you if you battled in town.

The magic bag quest in Palus used to be super important. Bags were 250,000 gold and it was near impossible to get them as a low level.

Spin battles were more fun than whatever the hell you can call modern melee type battles.

Great Hall and shrines used to actually be an adventure. Clock shrine was fun. DS was an adventure and you'd meet people from other servers with rare gear that you never saw on your own server.

I remember a warlock from another server used to hang out in main DS with a mystic bone mail. Seeing a warlock wearing plate mail just blew my mind.

I remember ranger multi being so bonkers broken and fun to use. You'd mash the button a dozen times and let go and you'd just let loose with a crap ton of arrows. I used to stand in Drethor to defend, wait at the end of the hall, mash it a bunch, and let loose a million arrows at people walking down the narrow hall.

I remember leveling in castles. Princess Nesbianna would always take Drethor and let people level inside. The monsters didn't even defend so you could kill the HKs at the end (I think they're all warriors now?) and level up slowly that way.

Author:  Kay [ 15 Feb 2020 16:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Perfect Version of Xenimus poll

Bonk, Rufus and OneMansFate ruled DS back then. It was epic. DanJR roleplaying some whiteknight thing constantly

Crispy pastel cloaks on the spirit plate.

Spending days in East Dungeon doing laps, first of the usual mobs, then later the ogres.

Author:  youhave [ 16 Feb 2020 12:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Perfect Version of Xenimus poll

awesome examples of why the game used to be so fun. If you posted even a fraction of that on the main boards you would be banned immediately. Its a strange attitude to be in denial about things that were so much fun

Author:  truthfully [ 06 May 2020 00:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Perfect Version of Xenimus poll

Whatever version was running in 2004 it was good and hardcore (I'm all about the challenge )

O Chad if you read this somehow hit me up I've been back in gville for a while now would be nice to see you old friend

Author:  Vicious [ 30 Jun 2020 00:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Perfect Version of Xenimus poll

1: Full PvP
2: All inventory drops upon death
3: 1 equipped item dropping upon death without a bag equipped
4: No GvE
5: ALL old models of EVERYTHING (especially old spirit plates, gnomes and scallions <3) Characters, items, buffs. There's not one single new model I like about this "new xen". They make the game look f- disgusting.
6: Old leveling system. It actually felt rewarding compared to being able to hit level 70 in a matter of days/a week. What a joke..
7: Old spell system back from the golden years of 2004 to 2008
8: Bags and Reditus Amulets drops the way they used to be
9: Old gear stats, I'd say before the VoV nerf when they were at 10% cast/atk speed
10: Keep Kings Quest and make gear EXTREMELY rare from here but very good
11: Remove the Wealth system
12: Keep newer areas which high levels can hunt and farm for gear but make it much more rare
13: Keep Fierce but make it last longer, and for God sakes a buff icon showing the timer on it would be lovely
14: Remove anything that has made the game too easy over the years and taken away the fun. It was good when everything wasn't being handed to us through quests and raids
15: Keep raids but make it near impossible to find something REALLY GOOD
16: Bring back the ability to have 10 marks on the server and a separate 10 in DS
17: Bring back egg (Extrudere) being shared through a level 60+ link leader

Author:  Doffen [ 04 Aug 2020 12:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Perfect Version of Xenimus poll

Kay wrote:
DanJR roleplaying some whiteknight thing constantly

lmao when DanJR was made an admiral on XenTales he got into some idiotic flamewar with someone and - without consulting any admirals or mods - decided that all mods and admirals should post from anonymous profiles and never criticize each other.

I vaguely remember cussing him out in an email to him.

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